Support for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Abuse During Lockdown

Children and young people are normally seen by lots of different adults every day, like neighbours, grandparents and teachers. But due to coronavirus we’re self-isolating, social distancing and spending much more time at home. This means some families might need extra support with parenting. And if a child is experiencing abuse, there aren’t as many opportunities for adults to spot the signs and help.

Isolation can put young people at a greater risk of domestic, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Efforts are being made at The Harbour School to stay open to help protect vulnerable children. However, it is everybody’s responsibility to keep young people safe and spot the signs of abuse.

Portsmouth City Council has issued a One Minute Guide to abuse during coronavirus:

One Minute Guide – Domestic Abuse During Coronavirus

If you are enduring abuse during lockdown, don’t suffer alone. Please reach out.

For young persons counselling, the Parcs support line is open:

Womens Helpline • 023 9266 9511

Mens Helpline • 023 9266 9516

Lines open Monday 1pm – 3pm, Wednesday and Friday 7pm – 10pm
(There is an answer machine outside of these hours.)

Otherwise please contact any of the other services