Our Team

Our Senior Leadership Team

Call: 023 9266 5664

Headteacher: Nick Morley

Deputy Headteacher: Sian Lacey

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Andrea Nesbit

SENDCo: Simone Elliot, Nicky Shaw

Head of Campus – Tipner: Interim – Nicky Shaw and Simone Elliot

Head of Campus – Cosham: Karen Lemieux

Head of Campus – Vanguard: Sarah Hounsell

Head of Campus – The BASE: Sian Lacey

Manager of Outreach (M.A.B.S. & Y.P.S.S.): Lisa Caine

Facilities Manager: Aga Rudaeska

IT Manager: Elwyn Fryer

School Business Manager: Louise Hext

HR Manager: Bonny Keogh


Carol Tompkins-Owen (CHAIR) – Community Governor

Donna Bennett (VICE-CHAIR) – Community Governor

Chris Chang – Community Governor

Donna Bennett – Community Governor

Rev. Amy Beck – Community Governor

Anne-Marie Ridgeway – Community Governor

Heather Hostler – Staff Governor