Targeted Mentoring Support Service (TMSS)

As part of our Outreach programme The Harbour School provides tailored individual education programmes for learners at Key Stage 4 through our Targeted Mentoring Support Service (TMSS).  This service is offered to schools, both inside and outside of Portsmouth, to assist learners at risk of leaving school without accredited outcomes and/or becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).
Our TMSS Mentors offer specialist support to learners on the programme giving them the opportunity to access a fresh start.  The personalised programmes that learners access will offer them the chance to gain new skills and experiences leading to accredited outcomes, whilst building on their confidence and breaking down their barriers to learning.
TMSS has a proven track record of success at re-engaging many hard to reach young people and supporting them to succeed with over 80% of learners achieving accreditation in English and/or Maths and 100% of learners securing a Post-16 destination.  To see the support that TMSS offer young people please view the 2014-2015 TMSS Traded Services document.
The TMSS team consists of five mentors and a lead mentor overseeing the smooth operation of the project.  All the mentors have a wealth of experience working within education and with young people.  If you would like to know more about our team please click on the links below:
Kirstie ResizedWorking within education for the past 17 years Kirstie has built up experience in wokring with young people from all backgrounds.  Kirstie loves seeing young people succeed and leave the provision with confidence having gained lots of qualifications...
Kirstie is very proud of what the project achieves from year to year.
Debby ResizedDebby has worked within education for over 14 years...  In her spare time Debby's passion is working within the music industry and has, for a number of years, done band management. 
Debby loves her mentoring role with TMSS as she gets to see young people grow with confidence and self-worth and go on to incredible futures.
Sophie ResizedSophie has worked within education for almost 10 years with various age groups.  Prior to working within the education sector Sophie ran her own dance school for 25 years...
Sophie loves working with young people, seeing their potential and watching them achieve.
Lucinda ResizedLucinda has worked in education for over 14 years and alongside this has run her own swimming school for students of all ages...
Lucinda enjoys working with young people on a one to one basis and seeing them achieve.
Lucinda has recently become a new Mum and is enjoying the delights of her new daughter.
Kim ResizedKim has worked in education since 1997 where she started as an assistant cook.  Kim has worked with both Infant and Junior children...
Kim is in her fifth year with TMSS and has really enjoyed working with the young people in college, and has learnt loads herself especially in Mechanics!  Kim feels that she is lucky to be part of a great team who are all dedicated to improving the lives and futures of young people through sheer determination and hard work...