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The Harbour School consists of a number of services and alongside our BESD and Medical provisions we are able to meet the needs of a wider group of learners through our Outreach Services.
Our Approach
The Harbour School's Outreach Services form an integral part of our offer of support enabling learners to access education and to achieve success both now and in the future.  The support we offer to children and young people focuses around key principles within the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) curriculum as well as developing positive attitudes towards behaviour for learning.
Multi-Agency Behaviour Support (MABS) Service
The MABS service has a long history of working with schools across Portsmouth (both Primary and Secondary).  Our team of professionals work closely with children and young people to breakdown their barriers to learning, helping them succeed.  The range of interventions that we offer can involve the partnership working of not only children and young people, but also parents and carers, school staff and other agencies.  The successful relationships we build with our partners are fundamental to the success of these learners.
As well as the support offered to children and young people, MABS also provides:
  • A wide range of training and development opportunities for school staff such as consultation, 1:1 coaching and tailored training courses;
  • A broad spectrum of support for parents and carers in areas around stress and anxiety, loss and bereavement and parenting groups.
Targeted Mentoring Support Service (TMSS)
For learners at Key Stage 4 who are at risk of leaving school without accredited outcomes and/or becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), we are able to offer tailored individual education programmes through TMSS.  The support offered by TMSS can range from one or two days per week to a full school week incorporating a broad curriculum - from core subjects such as English and mathematics to the vocational courses of Hair and Beauty.
With the support of their own dedicated mentor and with a personalised programme, learners are given the chance to gain new skills and experiences leading to accredited outcomes, whilst building on their confidence and breaking down the barriers to learning.
Our Professional Team
At The Harbour School we have a wide range of qualified and experienced staff all dedicated to helping children and young people achieve their goals.  Collaborative working is key to our success in engaging children and young people, parents and carers and the wider school community and ensuring individual learner achievement both academically and with their social and emotional development.
If you are interested in any of the services that we offer within our Outreach programme please visit our Traded Services page for more information.