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At the heart of The Harbour School are our learners.  We pride ourselves on our aim that each and every one of our learners should be 'the best that they can be' now and in the future.  We treat each of our learners as an individual, with their own unique skills and needs.
We ensure that each learner has their own individualised programme, and work flexibly with them to continually improve their academic skills, and their social and emotional development.  Being a valued member of, and playing an active role in, the school community, school life and school development, allows each learner to further enhance their school experience and to raise their future aspirations.
We are proud of our learners, their continued progress and their successes - all achieved within a supportive, encouraging and positive community where each learner feels they matter and belong.
This section of our website contains information to not only support our learners but to also celebrate in their successes.