We at The Harbour School understand that it can be quite difficult growing up and school life can brings its own challenges.  We always aim to make you feel safe and welcome in your learning environment and believe that having good relationships with the staff working with you is the first step to success.
You might be worried about...
Cyber Bullying
Verbal Bullying
Homophobic Bullying
Discrimination of any kind
Difficulties at home
What to do if you are feeling worried...
The best thing you can do is talk to a member of staff, with whom you feel comfortable.  Remember that staff can't keep secrets and may need to pass on information, but we always have your best interest at heart.  Most incidents of bullying are sorted once you have involved an adult.
However, if you are not ready to talk then you can look at the links below for support:
Telephone: 0800 11 11
Understanding and Learning...
As part of your learning whilst at The Harbour School you will have the opportunity to explore anti-bullying strategies through SEAL and PSHE.  Learning opportunities will be available through your members of staff and people who work alongside the School who have even more skills to support you.
Serious Incidents...
There have been serious incidents of bullying reported on the news, if you are ever involved in an incident we will take it very seriously and may need to involve your Parent/Carer, Police and/or Social Care to ensure your wellbeing.
We care.