Governing Body Meetings

The minutes of governor meetings are public documents and as such are open to be viewed by anyone interested.  This covers the minutes of the Interim Executive Board.
The Interim Executive Board has opted not to place its minutes on the school's website, preferring instead to have them available in the school on request.  We have taken this approach, as, by their nature, minutes are the "written record of an official proceeding".  "The notes recounting the transactions occurring at a meeting or official proceeding for future reference" (Ref. The Free Dictionary).  The minutes are therefore not exhaustive records of everything that was said at the meeting.
As a result, the members of the Interim Executive Board have a concern that reading the minutes in isolation, without the ability to understand the context of the discussion, could be misinterpreted.  Minutes are therefore available to be read at the school, where a member of the senior staff or the governing board could be available to answer any questions or set the context of the material being discussed.
Please contact the Clerk to Governors at The Harbour School.
Decision made by the Interim Executive Board on 18 July 2016   
Below are the published Full Governing Body and the Sub-Committee Minutes prior to the IEB coming into effect:
Academic Year 2015 - 2016
Academic Year 2014 - 2015  15 December 2014 May 2015
13 July 2015
Academic Year 2012 - 2013
Resources and Partnership Sub-Committee
The purpose of the Resources and Partnership Sub-Committee is to:
  • monitor, support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team and make recommendations to the Governing Body in all matters relating to budgeting, finance, staffing and the estate.
  • prepare a draft budget in line with the financial planning timetable for approval by the Full Governing Body by May of each year.
  • review the budget throughout the financial year and make recommendation for adjustment to the Governing Body.
  • review progress towards achieving and fully complying with SFVS (Schools Financial Value Standard) and to make recommendations to the Governing Body to ensure the requirements are met.
  • consider and make recommendations relating to services provided by partner and other agencies and organisations to the school.
  • make recommendations on the drawing up of Service Level Agreements with other organisations including charging policies where appropriate.
  • monitor and review the Service Level Agreements with the Local Authority and make appropriate recommendations.
  • ensure that the principles of Best Value are followed in making decisions.
Below are our published Resources and Partnership Sub-Committee Minutes:
Outcomes Sub-Committee
The purpose of the Outcomes Sub-Committee is to:
  • monitor, support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team in all matters relating to improving outcomes for and monitoring the progress of all learners.
  • monitor the progress on meeting the key priorities of the School Development Plan with the key focus of improving the outcomes for all learners.
  • report to the Governing Body on progress against the success criteria, celebrating successes and identifying areas for improvement.
  • ensure there are robust monitoring systems in place, including:
    • the use of appropriate bench marking data in order to measure the progress and impact of key priorities; and
    • to make recommendations to the Governing Body on actions required to improve outcomes.
  • review feedback from stakeholders and recommend actions arising from this to the Governing Body.
Below are our published Outcomes Sub-Committee Minutes:
Academic Year 2015 - 2016
Academic Year 2014 - 2015 
15 September 2014
11 May 2015
Academic Year 2013 - 2014
Academic Year 2012 - 2013