Curriculum Map – Tipner

KS2 and KS3 The Harbour School @ Tipner – Years 5 to 9 Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs


Tipner Tartan Curriculum

Our Tartan Curriculum is a cross curriculum thematic approach to learning which provides opportunities for asking questions, research and gaining knowledge, creative learning and celebrating learning successes.

Tartan themes also ensure that we cover the National Curriculum and ensure progression in learning.

KS2 Tartan ThemesKS3 Tartan Themes
All of Us
Time Detective
Stories People Tell
Adventure and Exploration

Who Do You Think You Are?
War and Peace
Disaster Strikes
The Romans
Around and Around
Location, Location, Location
Our Invaded Isles
War and Peace
Rights and Responsibilities
Around the World in 80 Days
Fit for Life
Tudors - Shakespeare
Our Fragile Earth
Healthy Living
Battles of Britain
Poles Apart
Stars and Stripes
Shadows of Empires
Full of Eastern Promise
Change for Life

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