Let's Celebrate

We are passionate about celebrating the successes of all of our learners from lesson by lesson achievement to whole School celebrations.
Celebrating progress and achievement is integral to our positive behaviour management.  All staff model SEAL and use three part praise.
Past celebrations have included Art Exhibitions in public spaces, Enterprise Faith and Football, Film Festival at South Parade Pier, Sports Facility Opening and Cultural Olympiad.
This page is about sharing and celebrating our successes with the wider community...
'BearBoat' Sets Sail
Learners from The Harbour School @ Tipner are starting to get to grips with our new boat, aptly named 'BearBoat'...
A 'Fishy' Display
The Harbour School @ Tipner learners have recently researched the Artist J Vincent Scarpace and have taken his inspirational ideas and created their own display of 'fish' art within the school...
Christmas Display 2015
The Harbour School @ Tipner learners created a wonderfully festive display for Christmas 2015...
Music in Detention Project
The Harbour School would like to celebrate some fantastic work that some of our learners from The Harbour School @ Cosham have been involved with.  Working on a project organised by Music in Detention, supported by Strong Voices and Artworks, our learners have produced some amazing and powerful music.  The music has been produced jointly by The Harbour School learners and detainees at Haslar's Immigration Removal Centre.
Please take time to listen to the four tracks created at the link below...
Social Reject
Put me back together again
Set me free
Tipner Learners Outdoor Education Activities
Our Outdoor Education programme is a key part of the curriculum at The Harbour School.  We would like to celebrate with you some of the fun activities that our Tipner learners have recently been a part of...
Fratton Festival of Light
In December 2014 Willow Lanterns created by Fratton learners were part of the Fratton Big Local Project - 'Fratton Festival of Light'.  The Harbour School is supporting the Fratton Big Local and is working with the project and the community to help achieve the aims of the scheme.  Please click on the link to view the spectacular or for more information on Fratton Big Local visit their web-site.
Newsroom Boot Camp
A number of Year 8 and 9 learners from our Tipner site recently took part in a 'Newsroom Boot Camp'.  Learners got the opportunity to deliver news reports using a range of media equipment.  The focus of the boot camp was a fun activity that helped learners with their self-esteem, literacy, social skills and motivation among other areas. 
The learners that took part all found the experience positive.  When asked what they would take back to school from the experience, learners commented with;
"stand up with more confidence" (G)     "description in my writing" (D)     "be more descriptive" (K)     "be more confident" (P)     "try my hardest to get grades to be a news reporter" (A)
Different Families, Same Love... 
Two classes working together to promote social skills in a larger group and this activity encourages learners to start taking ownership of their building.   This display board was completed to support Key Stage 2 in learning All of Us in Autumn 1 and how similar and different we all are.
Writing with my eyes
Writing with my eyes is an exciting performance poetry project that was created to bring the page to life.  Some of our Key Stage 3 learners took part in this creative project, to find out more about 'writing with my eyes' please visit their website by clicking on this link.